Are you a business in Wiltshire? You could get a Grant for up to £1500 to help you pay for your new website.

Want a new website but think it’ll cost too much?

How much is a new website worth to you?

Having the right online presence and marketing strategy can really give your business a boost. After all your website is your “shop front” and if your visitors don’t like what they see, they go to the next “shop”.  If you have a website that doesn’t do your business justice, or if you feel green when you see your competitors website, then  it’s time you got a new one.

Did you know?

You can get help with the cost of a website, as it is a tool used to help grow  business.  Therefore it’s inline with The Enterprise Network grant that is available for this year only! 

You could get a new website and maybe include some marketing and social media help too through us,  using the grant and really give your online presence a boost.

Get in touch you would like to find out more about how we can help and see details of The Enterprise Network grant below. Take advantage now before it’s too late.

Up to £1,500 to help your Wiltshire business GROW 

TEN (The Enterprise Network) are providing £150,000 over the next 18 months to help Wiltshire businesses grow. Any business can apply for a ‘TEN Specialist Business Advice Grant’ by contacting the Wiltshire Business Support Service on 01225 402096.

TEN reasons for applying for a Specialist Business Advice Grant:

1. You would like up to £1,500 to put towards a project to improve your business.

2. You have an idea which will deliver a tangible outcome for you business.

3. You have a business based in Wiltshire that has growth potential.

4. You are starting a business based in Wiltshire that has growth potential.

5. You have the money to pay for your improvement project in the first place (because you receive your ‘TEN Specialist Advice Grant’ AFTER your project has been completed).

6. You will receive valuable support from the Wiltshire Business Support Service (funded by Wiltshire Council) which provides FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and IMPARTIAL business advice throughout Wiltshire.

7. You will receive information about TEN (The Enterprise Network – also funded by Wiltshire Council) and its four Enterprise Centres offering smart, new, totally flexible workspaces for start up and existing businesses.

8. The application process is very simple and you will have a decision on your grant application within days

9.  Wiltshire Council want to help SMEs succeed



To find out more about applying for a TEN Specialist Business Advice Grant call 01225 402096 or email

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