Why we use premium WordPress themes

Why we use premium WordPress themes

We always use premium WordPress themes when building sites for Customers.

We love using them.

They have been developed by experts (graphic designers, PHP coders etc..), why re-invent the wheel?  Premium themes are kept up to date and tested with new versions of WordPress and are supported by the developers, should you run into trouble.

All premium themes can be customised, your company’s colours, logo, and fonts can be used, so the site looks like it was built just for you. Allot of premium themes come with several different layouts for home pages, you won’t don’t to worry about seeing the exact same site somewhere else, with the millions of sites on the web today, whats the chances of that happening?

If you want specific functions on your WordPress site, it’s a good idea to try and find a theme with those functions built in, this will save adding on many plugins to do the job. If you look for an industry specific theme, your may find a theme that has the functions you need and content ideas that you hadn’t thought of, built in.

Our tips for choosing the right premium theme.

  • Try to choose an industry specific theme if you can, to reduce plugins.
  • Choose a responsive theme that will work on mobile devices, it’s the way the internet is moving!
  • Have a good look through the theme’s demo, check out all the options, layouts, short codes.
  • Don’t get hung up on the colours, these can be changed.
  • Read the theme’s reviews.

There are a huge number of premium WordPress themes suppliers out there, our favourite is www.themeforest.net. They have a wide variety of theme from many developers, so you see a great range and can filter your search with keywords. We also like www.bluechic.com it has some gorgeous premium WordPress themes suitable for Women in business.

If you need help choosing the right theme, or maybe you’ve bought a new theme and need help installing it, or if you have seen a great theme and want your site moved to WordPress get in touch. We’re here to help.

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