Who should you be following on Twitter?

If you’re asking yourself “who should I be following on Twitter?” this article may help…

When I first started out on Twitter I had no idea how it worked or who to follow but since starting out apx 18 months ago, I have gained  (what I think) is a respectable number of followers, today that stands at 1036.  I want to keep growing and nurturing my followers, so I try to give useful tweets, that will help them with their website, a little bit of info of what’s going on in my life (but not too much) and by engaging with them and retweeting their tweets.

Although that sounds allot of work, it doesn’t take much time to do now I am used to Twitter , sometimes I’ll tweet the same tweet a few times over, just incase anyone missed it, after all you only really see the tweets at the point you’re on Twitter. Once you come off  tweets continue to go by without you seeing them.  Nobody is sitting there 24/7 watching EVERYONE’S tweets (are they?!), so there is a good chance my great Tweet about FREE SEO didn’t get seen by all my followers and I wouldn’t want those to miss out.

Who to follow?

@purpledognetThe best way to gain followers is to follow those who you want to be your followers, you’ll find a good number of those you follow, will follow you back.  I choose to follow various types of people, those who give great advice on things relevant to me and my work, people who could potentially be my next customer, friends and a few others who are just great people to be connected with on Twitter as they want to help you grow your followers. One of those people is Purple Dog (@purpledognet).

On Monday Purple Dog helped me gain another 65 followers in 1 day! Purple Dog could help you to, if you don’t follow @purpledognet, read on and follow !

Purple Dog is a twitter guru who helps new comers (and old) on Twitter to gain followers. She does this in a variety of ways and it’s definitely worth checking out her website to find out, but the way she helped me on Monday was because I was her “Business of the Day”(#purplebiz).

Purple Dog’s Business of the Day

Once you follow Purple Dog you’ll see tweets from her asking you to retweet her “Business of the Day”, if you do this enough, over time you’ll be move up her lists of people who retweet allot and then you’ll eventually be her Business of the Day, like I did :-)

What do you get for being a Business of the Day?

Purple Dog look briefly at what your business offers and tweets about it several times though out the day to her 55.1k direct followers and as she asked her followers to retweet her tweets (to become business of the day), they also tweet it to their followers and so on, a bit like a pyramid.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw I ‘d won “Business of the Day” and the nice thing is that other PD followers come and congratulate you. Whenever I meet someone new to Twitter Purple Dog is the first person I tell them to follow, as she really makes a difference.

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